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The Springfield Real Estate Team

Our team of licensed, professional brokers are a notch above many you'll find in Springfield Illinois. They are not only honest and hard working, but view each new client and home as a chance to reinforce their dedication to client service. 

Each member of our team has a unique set of qualifications in the real estate industry. We welcome you to meet each one, and decide who best fits your style.

Dowd Sullivan

Managing Broker

Dowd Sullivan grew up understanding the value of real estate. 

"My grandfather was a farmer, and we've had farmland in our family for over 150 years," Dowd says. "Some of my first real estate transactions were negotiating highway right-of-ways with the State of Illinois," Dowd says.

Dowd's degree from the University of Illinois is in Agricultural Economics, so you could say that his family experience had a strong impact on his career. However, Dowd is no stranger to hard work. 

"I've worked on a farm, in factories, in a food processing plant and as a carpenter and laborer," Dowd says. "Having this work experience has helped me learn to communicate with people from all different backgrounds, and also the construction experience has helped me understand the building industry."

When Dowd started in the real estate business in 1978, he worked for a larger real estate office and made the decision that wasn't for him. 

"I opened my own managing broker office, and hoped to surround myself with people who had the same business philosophy that I have, " Dowd explains. 

"I spend time recruiting agents -- some believe they won't make money at a 5.5% commission, but they do, and we've been in business for many years with the same dedicated agents," he said. 

Dowd is always concerned with his client's decision making. "Its easy to buy a house and sometimes its harder to sell, so making the best choice at the beginning is important." 

When Dowd relaxes, he enjoys travel with his wife and reading. His home in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin serves as his family getaway as well.

Penny Rinehart

Penny's path to her career in real estate started with an internship in 1995. "I really enjoyed seeing people find a home they loved, but also seeing our clients sell homes at a fair price." Penny says. 

Her commitment to helping people is a hallmark of not only her real estate career, but also her education and prior employment. Penny graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois, with a double major -- psychology and social work, with a minor in special education. Penny also worked as a drug and alcohol counselor out of college. 

Penny's diverse skillset was tested as her kids were growing up, and she answered to the call of "Mrs. Rinehart" as a substitute teacher for a number of years. Faux finishing and decorative painting is something Penny enjoyed as well.

Penny loves staging houses for sale in Springfield, and she is taking the next step to get her certification in home staging. Home staging is preparing your home for sale by limiting or rearranging furniture, using accessories, lighting and color to highlight the special features of your home. Effective home staging allows the buyer to visualize living there, and can also help the seller get a better price for their home. Penny has already staged a number of homes in the Springfield area and has seen the positive effect on the selling price. 

Her best real estate advice is that no matter whether its a sellers or buyers market, "homes that are priced properly for location and condition always sell quickly." She also notes "Too many people are drawn into the internet mortgage scams, and it causes problems at closing. Get financing from a known local lender to make sure that your loan actually closes."

Vince Veseling

Since 1978, Vince Veseling has been providing excellent guidance for both sellers and buyers in Springfield's real estate market. Vince has a strong base for the guidance he gives. Not only did Vince get his Broker license, but he also completed coursework to get his GRI. "The classes include construction of new homes, sales and marketing," Vince explains. He was also certified as a relocation specialist.

"I really enjoy helping individuals or families get into a home that fits them. I can offer advice, and give them the best service possible -- which includes making sure they have enough information to make a decision," Vince explains.

Investing in real estate has also become a passion for Vince, and he has 10 rental properties. Outside of his busy career as a real estate broker, Vince enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, golf, motorcycling and reading. 

Vince enjoys some often missed Springfield area points of interest, including the Lake Springfield parks and also the State Fairgrounds. Vince notes, "There are so many places to see in the area, its hard to select just a few. "

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