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Selling a home in the Springfield, IL area.

When listing your home with Springfield Real Estate we give your house the attention it deserves to get it sold. Each home we review and determine the best avenues to utilize for marketing it. Through specialized marketing and our extensive network of contacts (developed over 35+ years in business) we ensure your house gets seen by potential buyers.

Springfield Real Estate coordinates your sale from start to finish and works hard to get you the most out of your home. Contact us today and let's get your house sold!

When You Choose Springfield Real Estate...


We offer our clients several options when it comes to marketing their house. Everything from traditional marketing practices to custom websites, videos and social media exposure. By utilizing our network of contacts, clients, agents and brokers we make sure everyone knows about the sale of your house. 


Most of our agents have been in this business full time for over 10 years. These professionals are time-tested and experienced in all types of real estate transactions. Isn’t it smart to put that experience to work for you? 


When we are honest with homeowners, the homes we list sell rapidly. Why? We advise you of minor repairs or cosmetic work which will greatly enhance the appeal of your property. Our experience in the current area market will help in pricing your home to sell – at the right price for you. 


Our agents work to pre-screen and pre-qualify buyers so that you are not bothered by strangers and other individuals who may not be qualified to purchase your property.


Your Springfield Real Estate agent will assist you in negotiating with potential buyers, often getting a better price or terms for your property. In addition, should problems arise between the time an offer is accepted and closing, your experienced agent will be your guide through a maze of complicated paperwork and possible pitfalls.

Professional Closing Services:

Let our qualified staff take care of the after-sale details, so you can concentrate on the more important things in your life... your next home! Our professional closing services include:

  • Prepare Sales Contract and Addendums

  • Deposit Earnest Money in an Escrow Account

  • Order Title Work

  • Coordinate Inspections

  • Review Closing Statements

  • Attend Closing

List Your House

List Your House For Sale 

So you are looking to sell your house... well here you can send us a little more information about it. It does not get immediately listed, but instead provides us with some information so we can be ready to give you a call and discuss further. As always, please feel free to give us a call for immediate assistance.

Address of the house you are wanting to sell:

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